Pasadena Ford...

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Pasadena Ford...

Postby VintageMotelGuest » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:13 pm

Don't like moving on just rumors or hearsay, but I've been informed by a friend that the MCM Pasadena Ford building is now endangered, as some of us might have expected. Don't know any details, but the word "demolish" was mentioned. I suspect we could just be talking about the annex on the south side of Colorado, however, since that has already been construction-fenced. Anyone know if a demo permit has been applied for, for that sweet and simple little late-40s/early-'50s structure?

And is this already an active topic around here...? I made a search and know there was a thread on this building (its at least mentioned under the auto dealerships thread), so feel free to move this elsewhere if need me, Moderators.

In any case, I previously mentioned somewhere on here that Alan Hess told me that north side, main dealership building was his favorite MCM commercial building in Pasadena. I'm sure those of you working with ModCom and Pasadena Heritage may already be discussing this.

Links to a friend's paintings of these two:

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Postby nichols » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:23 am

Via Pasadena Heritage:

"(The owner) might be interested in developing something on the site to complement PCC, such as retail and/or hotel. I've told him the showroom has been identified in a City survey as eligible for listing in the National Register as an excellent example of the International Style. If you learn anymore about this site and/or or a potential development, please do keep us informed..."

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