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Lotta Living is your Ultra Guide for Googie, Atomic Age and Mid Century Modern Living.

Fans of Googie and Mid-Century Modern architecture, preservation, inernational design, Art Deco, 20th century lifestyle, Roadside attractions, Travel tips, motels, coffee shops, drive-ins, bowling alleys, dinner houses, gas stations, giant objects, neon signs, vintage fashion, Post War entertainment, exotica, lounge music, cocktail hour, space-age, swing, tiki, theme parks, dancing, nostalgia, go-go boots, hairdoos, ephemera, SHAG artwork, collectibles, ALL ARE WELCOME!
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Atomic Ranch

About the LottaLiving.com site

Lotta Living is the product of countless hours of volunteer labor from the following people:

Mary-Margaret Stratton: Site owner, initial concept, visual design, message board programming and content. Her personal portfolio site may be reached at http://www.megorama.com

Jim Avgeris: Link database programming and other web tweeking. His site for web programming and design services may be reached at Itempo.com

In addition, many key Modern Committee Members have spent time collecting links and other key information for this site and they should be thanked as well, especially Chris Nichols.

Lotta Living would also like to thank the time put in by our top message posters who have remained the life blood of the message board, Joe, ModFan, Sky and Modern-R-Us.

This site goes by the following names, which are trade marks:
Lotta Living
Lotta Livin'
Lotta Living Message Board
Lotta Livin' Message Board

Any capitalization discrepancies are typos and should be called to the attention of the management.

Lotta Living's primary purpose is to serve as an educational resource towards Mid Century Modern Preservation, and secondly to serve as a resource for living the Ultra Modern Lifestyle.

As a result of the discussion, third party copyrights may be mentioned. Lotta Living takes great measures to make sure that fair use is abided by and that credit is given where credit is due. If you or anyone you know discovers portions of this site where correct credit/copyright is misrepresented, please forward the information to the management. It will be corrected.

All third party trademarks and copyrights mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners. No infringement is meant. Please inform us immediately if you find any inappropriate copyright or trademark usage. All content on this site is copyright 1999-2010, Mary-Margaret Stratton except where author is otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

Please read over our site usage agreement if you have any questions about use of information or photos from this site.

Our Site Usage and Privacy Policy along with Additional Copyright information can be found on this page http://www.lottaliving.com/siteusage.shtml

Lotta Living may be reached by mail through
2620 South Maryland Parkway #345 Las Vegas, NV 89109
or by email at portfolio AT homecamp DOTTY DOT DOT com (sorry - have to do that to avoid spam)

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